A Mini Kitchen Makeover

This post is sponsered but the ideas and elbow grease are my own. 

So it all started with a simple plan to find some much-needed task lighting for our kitchen. The countertops can be a little dim in these dark winter months. It's been 2 years since our original kitchen renovation and finding the right (affordable) lighting option just feel by the wayside. 

Before we get into my new accordion sconces lets back up a bit and talk about some general style concerns I've had about our kitchen from day one. As much as I wish we lived in the country this house is in the city and I've always felt like our kitchen was a little too rustic.  I started to have the sneaking suspicion that I needed to take drastic action. 

Last week I head over to the new World Market Store in Brooklyn to look for some inspiration. I was blown away by all the cool stuff; it was hard to stay focused. Luckily, I found 3 great sconces and a jute runner. Feeling pretty victorious, I took my new finds home.

I immediately hung my new sconces. I loved the light that they cast on the countertops, but the overall vibe was still not right. It all felt a little too serious. I experimented with a few different pieces of art but nothing was working. As I was searching around the house for just the right thing, I uncovered a scrap of David Hicks wallpaper and remembered that I had two and a half rolls of it stashed away. 

After a quick convo with my husband, who is insanely tolerant of my freestyling ways, I grabbed my emergency tub of wallpaper glue and my favorite small paint roller for applying the adhesive and got to work. 


I LOVE the way the wallpaper and the black sconces work together to create intrest above the open shelving. The look is so dynamic that I was able to keep the styling on the shelf pretty simple. 

In the past, I've used patterned runners in the kitchen but the bold patterned Hicks paper required something different. I think the simple nubby texture of the runner is perfect. 

In a kitchen, nothing beats the durability of jute! 

I decided to wrap the paper all the way around the kitchen. I love the way it frames the window. 

We might be the last people on earth the still have white appliances. Replacing the stove and refrigerator is defintately on my short list for 2017.  What brands do you guys recomend? 

For now, I'm just going to bask in the glow of my new World Market sconces and obsess over how great they look with the Hicks Hex paper and my new runner.  

To all of my Brooklyn people, you should check out the new Cost Plus World market location. It's a truly unique shopping experience in Sunset Park Brooklyn. “BEYOND at Liberty View,” houses Bed Bath & Beyond® and their family of brands, including Cost Plus World Market®, buybuy BABY® and Face Values®, all under one roof, located at 3rd at 31st Street.

Thursday, January 12th through Sunday, January 15th Cost Plus World Market will be celebrating their grand opening with several events, special giveaways, and offers and you are offically invited! 

Schedule Of Events:

Thursday, January 12th - 15th

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Thursday, January 12th   – Sunday, January 15th  

  • Free tasting and live entertainment
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Cost Plus World Market
850 3rd at 31st Street, Sunset Park

Store Hours:
M-Sat: 9am – 9pm
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May Weekend Decorator Story Is Live

My May Column is up on the One Kings Lane Style Guide and I could not be more excited! When I met with my Editor there we all agreed that we were all totally ready for summer, so we landed on a garden related story.  Now, I do like to garden but I'm no master so, set I out to share a project that delivered big style without requiring a super green thumb or a lot of maintenance.    

Enter, Espalier, pronounced “es-pah-lee-er”, an old school method of growing plants against a wall in a 2-dimentinonal pattern.  The practice was developed in France as a way to increase the yield of fruit trees in small spaces.  I figured a small space solution good enough for the castles of  medieval France probably had something to offer modern day space-challenged gardeners.

It’s the perfect way to create vertical interests in a small space without blocking any light or taking up floor space. With a few simple tweaks, creating your own espalier a lot simpler than you think. It's all about choosing the right plants, a few eye hooks and some galvanized wire. Our yard is super shady so I choose a variegated Ivy.  Ivy can be a straight up bad choice if you are trying this look on a brick wall. I'm less worried about it here because the shade makes all my plants pretty slow growing so trimming things back if they get out of hand is pretty simple.  If you're interested in a really dramatic Before & After check out the story of my garden transformation Here or read the full story here